About Us

Skelly design celebrates the wonderful spirit of British Mod Movement, the unique subculture phenomenon that marked an era of fashion. Our roots traced back in the days where scooters is not just a mode of transportation, it’s a religion, a freedom, and a way of life.

With a name borrowed from nicknames of the famous cutdown of scooter in the 60’s, Skelly means a stripped-down scooter, the bare essentials engine, ready to be customized   and accessorized. Skelly clothes are identified by a little detail, an emphasis on material, colour and print and a strong creative spirit.

Skelly design and creates everyday wear from quirky graphic t-shirts to your must have basics, your flight hoodie to sharp-looking pants. Quality and comfort is our number one rule, we simply want to offer you a nice products, your favorite pieces.

Committed in producing high quality standard with ethical manufacturing process.We are happy and proud to be an independent, small company, always approaching our work with passion and a sense of humor.